Being at home..

Hey some good news .. I got a new job but i will be joining from the next week 🙂

So till then i am home and spending some not-so-free time as anticipated.. The only luxury i am having being jobless is, having a full good nite sleeppp.. Other than that i am busy whole day but i am happy with this routine. Many working women feel they cant sit at home, but i certainly feel happy and comfortable being at home. I will tell you somethings that i am  doing in free time:

  • Reading all the pending books (one by one though 😉 )
  • Watching movies. 
  • A little bit of gardening.
  • Cooking and baking ( i love this )
  • Some house hold chores.
  • Spending time with my family.
  • Sleeping.
  • Shopping ( it should be on the top )
  • Not spending much of my time online and being myself.
  • Talking to my friends.
  • Taking care of my skin and hair.
  • Organizing my stuff.
  • Meeting some of the family members.


And reading some mindful blogs and enjoying reading.. We all need a break in our busy schedules so on the positive side of being unemployed, i am enjoying my time. Being at home, is not so bad after all.. 🙂


What i like about word press

I have recently joined word press and visiting random blogs and reading them.. I am just loving it. Unlike other social media platforms, Word press give you the ability to read “heart-to-heart” talks. I have my account on Facebook like all others but i don’t know something is very good about this platform, may be its because on Facebook you can view short stories and fun things but here its like you are entering the soul of other person and getting know about how the other blogger feels, about his perspective to life.. 

I know many bloggers will agree here, i just found food for my soul that i was not able to find on Facebook. One thing more i feel is, my privacy.. I have only one or two friends on my blog, mainly because people in my circle don’t know what WordPress is. So that give me the liberty to cry my heart out and share everything i want to.. 🙂

I am always addicted to reading good books, good blogs or what ever write ups, and word press is just feeding me well enough.. Getting hooked to it,, totally .. 

Beautifull Weather…

Sometimes the smallest things can change your mood all of a sudden.

Smallest things like drops of rain, cold breeze in winters, talking and chatting with friends, and the list goes on.

But right now I am obssesed with the beautiful rainy weather in my city.  The rainy weather since morning has changed my mood dramatically,, i am all feeling lovely dovely now… yeahhhh…..I love you my city…


Time to celebrate… Happy Womens day….

Happy Womens day to all the color full, cheerfull, strong, happy, sad, depressed and calm women any where in the world..


Yes you know, you are strong, you have a presence in this world, you have people whome you can count to,, yes your vote matters, yes you the 51% of any country…Fight for your right, obey your duties,, dont follow others, create your own way, mark your own footprints, make yourself feel beautifull, spend time with your beloved…

Laugh uncontrollable, live happily, Stay strong, stay beautifull and keep your spirits high.. Because you deserve all this and much more, even though you dont know… Love to all strong, powerfull women and for the rest of them,, lets show this world, we are not the weaker sex… ❤

Love you, enjoy ur day 🙂

Happiness comes in all forms…

Happiness can come in many forms, it can come in the blink of second or it can take days to come.. sometime it clears your heart from the fear of unknown and sometime it open up your heart despite many fears…

Happiness is as unpredictable as our life is, happiness comes within you, so live your life when you have time. Free your self from the fear of tommorow and grow yourself in love of today… Live for today, Who knows what tommorow has stored in for us 🙂


Keep spreading the love….

Love you Ammi

Have you ever thought about what is your biggest asset or you may call your biggest supporter?

Just close your eyes and try to imagine your life without them.. What do you feel? Emptiness? Like lost somewhere?

When I close my eyes and give it a thought, all I can remember is MY MOM.. My biggest asset, my biggest supporter, without her I can’t imagine my life.. I owe her everything,, from my tiny childhood steps to my career achievements, she is the one always standing beside me, supporting me all the way she can.. I know, I am not a kid anymore but I don’t know why I just can’t go on my own.. I need her advice all the time, from little small matching items to making life decisions. In the time of despair, just a sentence stating “everything will be alright” from Ammi makes me feel that eventually everything will be alright..

I love you Ammi, u are my everything… Without you I would be nowhere, seriously.. Words are not enough to describe how much I want you to be at my side always, I am still a little baby depending on you and always want to be the one. Never want to grow up until you are with me..

I know at times, I am stupid, arrogant and mad as well but you are the one collecting my pieces, fixing my anger and tolerating my stupidity.. I wish you will be always at my side.. May Allah bless you with health, wealth and happiness of this world and here after.. Ameen… Lots of Love 🙂


Yeahh my bloggg :)

Ok so this is my blog. I welcome you all…

“Wanna be happy always ” is the name of my blog.. I am a professional blogger and blogs about IT, fashion, property and skin care as a part of my job. But this is my personal blog and i want to vent out all those feelings that i have been hiding in my heart for 25 long years.. so yeah people you have to bear me and support me as well..

I am feeling kind of awkward, for the first time, i am using any platform to vent out my views publically u know.. i know, i know i am babbling.. let me get out of this mixed awkward feeling and will come up with some thing later on …  🙂