Love you Ammi

Have you ever thought about what is your biggest asset or you may call your biggest supporter?

Just close your eyes and try to imagine your life without them.. What do you feel? Emptiness? Like lost somewhere?

When I close my eyes and give it a thought, all I can remember is MY MOM.. My biggest asset, my biggest supporter, without her I can’t imagine my life.. I owe her everything,, from my tiny childhood steps to my career achievements, she is the one always standing beside me, supporting me all the way she can.. I know, I am not a kid anymore but I don’t know why I just can’t go on my own.. I need her advice all the time, from little small matching items to making life decisions. In the time of despair, just a sentence stating “everything will be alright” from Ammi makes me feel that eventually everything will be alright..

I love you Ammi, u are my everything… Without you I would be nowhere, seriously.. Words are not enough to describe how much I want you to be at my side always, I am still a little baby depending on you and always want to be the one. Never want to grow up until you are with me..

I know at times, I am stupid, arrogant and mad as well but you are the one collecting my pieces, fixing my anger and tolerating my stupidity.. I wish you will be always at my side.. May Allah bless you with health, wealth and happiness of this world and here after.. Ameen… Lots of Love 🙂