Time to celebrate… Happy Womens day….

Happy Womens day to all the color full, cheerfull, strong, happy, sad, depressed and calm women any where in the world..


Yes you know, you are strong, you have a presence in this world, you have people whome you can count to,, yes your vote matters, yes you the 51% of any country…Fight for your right, obey your duties,, dont follow others, create your own way, mark your own footprints, make yourself feel beautifull, spend time with your beloved…

Laugh uncontrollable, live happily, Stay strong, stay beautifull and keep your spirits high.. Because you deserve all this and much more, even though you dont know… Love to all strong, powerfull women and for the rest of them,, lets show this world, we are not the weaker sex… ❤

Love you, enjoy ur day 🙂