What i like about word press

I have recently joined word press and visiting random blogs and reading them.. I am just loving it. Unlike other social media platforms, Word press give you the ability to read “heart-to-heart” talks. I have my account on Facebook like all others but i don’t know something is very good about this platform, may be its because on Facebook you can view short stories and fun things but here its like you are entering the soul of other person and getting know about how the other blogger feels, about his perspective to life.. 

I know many bloggers will agree here, i just found food for my soul that i was not able to find on Facebook. One thing more i feel is, my privacy.. I have only one or two friends on my blog, mainly because people in my circle don’t know what WordPress is. So that give me the liberty to cry my heart out and share everything i want to.. 🙂

I am always addicted to reading good books, good blogs or what ever write ups, and word press is just feeding me well enough.. Getting hooked to it,, totally .. 


11 thoughts on “What i like about word press

  1. uzmawan says:

    The reason why I took a sabbatical from Facebook. I was tired of being conscious of people and concealing my true thoughts. Moreover, blogging is a productive alternative to Facebook. Glad, you’re enjoying here =)

  2. reluctantwritergirl says:

    Totally agree! WordPress is a much more intimate experience than the other social networks. So glad to have you here!

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